Heartlands - teleport through water
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What is happening:
in the Heartlands you can teleport beneath part the water. the video i attached says 2020.05.01 but i tried it today and it still happens

this point is on a small island between the farm with Cold Steel, and the Ponydale portal. the video shows precisely where to go

quick update -- while i was filing this report, it accidentally happened again. and again. and again. it seems to be a problem with that entire portion of the river, because there are tons of points, all the way from the diamond dog camp where the water goes downward a bit, down to the farm, and all the way to the pumpkin patch, where you can teleport underwater.

What should be happening:
in other places, you either don't teleport at all, or teleport on top of the water. one of these two should happen instead.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
pretty self-explanatory and easy to do. find any point on that section of river where the teleportation cursor spins faster, and click on it.

Game client version:
2020.06.01 and 2020.05.01