Inventory shows the text "Quest Items" Instead of slots.
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What is happening:
Inventory shows the text "Quest Items" instead of slots.

What should be happening:
Slots should show instead of the text "Quest Items"

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Launch game, log in, choose filly unicorn or pegasus, Inventory won't work and instead of having slots, the inside of the inventory shows the text "Quest items".

Game client version:
2020.05.01 Windows 64bit

Reproduced by:
none that i know of.

Reproduced on:
none that i know of.

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


the image that the link should have lead to. as the link didn't work.
sorry for the bad quality, i dont know how to screenshot on my computer, so i had to use my phone to take the picture.

NevilTheHare updated the task description. (Show Details)Dec 3 2020, 11:23 PM

The fix i have gotten ingame does not work, as the files do not restore themselves.

bug fixed. turns out the ponies themselves were corrupted. i had to do the bug fix and then create new ponies, after that the inventory worked like it was meant to.