Skills Respawn Time Bug
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Hello, I have problem with one of my characters, it's unicorn talented in medical, and very often after I use seismic buck I have respawn time 2 sec instead of 1 sec on all skills and after use transfuzion 4 sec. If I want back to normal I must close game and turn on again. Sadly I don't remember how much time I have this bug, because last time I not played this pony often.

Help! Now I have 4 sec respawn time all time, on every skill and after use any skill, it's terrible! Combat doesn't have any sence with that, and because it's unicorn I can't fast teleport too :(

I know where is problem now. In transfusion, when I delete this from hotbar, respawn time/cooldown back to normal 1 sec. But when I change room, 4 sec cooldown back, so I add transfusion to hotbar again, and normal 1 sec cooldown back. (Sorry I didn't know that is named cooldown xP) And I have all transfusion skill on level 10.