Health loss upon leveling.
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What is happening:
Whenever you level up a skill, your Health drops to a very low amount, before healing back up slowly to your new higher maximum.

What should be happening:
Leveling should heal to full health or not heal at all.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
More noticeable after gaining several levels. Level any skill, even in an area with no enemies, and look at health bar. It will be low.

Game client version:
Windows x64 launcher version 0.2

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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Can confirm this one on v0.1.1 build

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Can everyone please confirm that this only happens when wearing armor?

This happens even if you are not wearing armor, just tried with my unicorn who in the mid levels (lv30) and without armor, still reduce the HP to 500-600 when a level up of any kind happens.