You Have Run Out of Bank Space - but i haven't
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What is happening:
even if you have bank space, you'll sometimes still get a notification in the chat box about running out of bank space. this has been happening for an update or two now, and i've finally isolated what causes it -- it happens when you try to put more of something into the bank, than you actually have. so if i have 9 bananas and i'm feeling lazy and just click "bank 10", it will give me the "run out of space" notification.

What should be happening:
the game should determine whether i have enough bank space, instead of just determining how many of something i attempted to put into the bank

Steps to reproduce the issue:
buy a few of something, try to add more of it to the bank than what's in your inventory

Game client version:

update: it seems it *also* happens when you try to put a bunch of things into the bank (say, 100+) and there's another item in one of the slots. so in this case i had like 300 tin ore from golems, but i had linen padding in my bank. it had to skip over that slot and go to another one, and both times something like this happened, it gave me the "ran out of bank space" notice

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