Really buggy quest that Old Quest Marker Fix can't fix
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What is happening:
Hello there. I;m having issues with the Letter of the law vs. Spirit of the law quest. I've completed it, I spoke to both StoneShadow and Spindle, and the game gave me experience for said quest. But I found last night and this morning, Spindle still has the quest marker above her head. Normally I'd go to the pony who fixes the quest markers, but when I talked to him about it, the quest doesn't even show up as fixable, and looking in my quest journal, it says that I have yet to complete the final task, but the book shows the quest as complete. When I talk to both NPC's, both of them just give me their default dialogue no matter which dialogue option I pick.

What should be happening:
I suppose what should be happening is the game removes the quest markers and it says in my quest book that the quest is complete.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I played for quite a while last night, but I believe I know what happened.. I was doing the rehearsal Roundup Quest, and I Was talking to all kinds of different ponies, picking up quests and completing quests on the way. Once I had finished rehearsal Roundup, I noticed the problem with the Letter of Law vs. the Spirit of the law Quest.
Reproduced by:
She doesn't have a forum account, but her Game username is KistuneGoyangi. She's having the same problem


Novasi created this task.Mon, Jun 22, 7:03 PM