Gypsum Won't Talk To Me About Silicon - ['It Makes Sense To Me' Quest Issue]
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What is happening:
Currently whenever I go to talk to Gypsum in the Crystal Kingdom about Silicon it seems the only option she gives me is 'How are you doing today?'. Which is to say isn't a quest option of any sorts. The world still tells me her quest is unfinished as she has a exclamation mark above her head anytime I visit the kingdom and the journal still has her undone. However, the response is never available even after trying to fix the issue on my own. So I can't exactly finish the quest even though I want too. I would love this to be fixed please. ;w;

What should be happening:
Instead Gypsum is supposed to give me the option, apart from the one I am given right now, to tell her what Silicon thought about her statement of the equation. You know, the 3-3-3-4 one? And I am guessing she would give me a response back and the quest would be done.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
When this occurred I entered the Crystal Kingdom, trying to find and finish quests from earlier. Of course I picked up a bunch of quest while going around town but I was in no hurry. Then, while doing my own thing I ran into Graphite. Which helped me recognize Silicon and Halite, you know, the Faultless four. Well, after doing his quest and working on the music sheet quest I ran into Minister Spindle. I talked to her and decided that I was going to check inside and see if any pony needed music sheets. There I found Gypsum. She told me about her equation and I memorized her words. Then of course I went back to the two, Silicon and Halite. I talked to Silicon and all was going well. During that talk the server did restart or crash, I can't tell which one just that it restarted that convo. I went back to talk to Gypsum and she didn't work. Even after so much she still hasn't.

Reproduced by:
Gorillazfan13 seems to have had it happen before.

[Youtube link to the video since the uhh file thing didn't want to work with it lol.]