Accidentally made screen size too small, can't get it back.
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I've been playing around with screen sizes to find which was best for my computer, and I accidentally made it so small, that I can't access the options to change it back.

Being able to access options

Opened options, selected video, set screen size to one of the smaller sizes, hit apply, realized it was too small, opened options, can only select back buttons.

Windows 64-bit, game v 2020.03.01

Also, I can't find the program to uninstall and reinstall.

Press Windows Key + R, this should open a small textbox.
Type in %appdata%..\..\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria - This should navigate you to your LoE folder.
In there should be a file called VideoSettings.json, you can open it and change the resolution there back to normal (1920x1080 for example) or you can delete the file to reset it to default.

Cool! Got it back up to a manageable size. Thank you so much!

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