Poseys and Prickles - pacify upgrade
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What is happening:
Pacify upgrade increase cooldown of Poseys and Prickles.
Duration of Poseys and Prickles stays the same.

With pacify 1 cooldown is around 8 sec.
With pacify 3 cooldown is around 12 sec.

What should be happening:
From description: "your lullaby flower patch lingers longer" i would expect it to increase duration, not cooldown

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Learn Poseys and Prickles.
Learn pacify.
Use Poseys and Prickles.
Try to use Poseys and Prickles after 5 sec. It says: spell is still on cooldown

Game client version:

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit

Poseys and Prickles still on cooldown