Ponydale School Freeze
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So I was a little curious and tried to go into the Ponydale school as a pegasus foal to see if there were any quests in there, and now it's stuck in an eternal loading loop. (Playing the music of the room too. I feel like it's taunting me, though logically it isn't, because it is not sentient.) As a sidenote, it seems to get halfway through loading, since the music of the building plays and the tip from the loading screen fades somewhat, but then it just freezes and I can't do anything.

I was kinda hoping I could just... walk back out but I'm not even getting past the loading screen to back out. If we could be set back to wherever the outside of a building was in cases like these, that'd probably save a lot of grief for people who've spent a while levelling up their ponies. While mine's only at level nine, I would suspect it could be devastating to people who don't know of what might happen.

I don't know if others have replicated this (as I have no friends lol), but I do know it's on version 2020.02.01, and i'm fairly certain it's not my computer. (Mostly, due to the fact that the rest of the game ran as smooth as butter until this eternal loading curse.)

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