Proxy Jumps / Glitches in Ponydale School
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What is happening:
pretty much everything in the one school room causes proxy jumps to happen. (in particular, the room that does NOT have musical instruments)

What should be happening:
should function like normal desks and shelves and stuff lol

Steps to reproduce the issue:
go to the room with desks. step on desks, walk into desks, step on bookshelves and try to step off of them, etc. in particular, the corners of objects seem to be really bad.

Game client version:
2020.02.01 but happened on 2020.01.01 too

Reproduced by:
Maryland, tangerine231, probably others

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 for me; Maryland has either XP or Vista; dunno what tangerine231 has

note there are a couple points where my character turns around, but doesn't move. that's them getting stuck on the environment. i don't know what causes that - seems to be very specific parts of the environment and seems to happen more often at the teacher's desk for some reason.