Milk & Some Questions
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Hello, I have four matter.

  1. The most importat is... Milk. This item is very needed in most recipes. But naiads drop this truly rare. Is it possibe, that this will drop as often as salt? That would be great, because now get them in large amount is hell...
  2. I want buy and wear this:


  1. Is it possibility to add crystal pony as fourth race? :3
  2. When you plan finish Dig Site Dungeon? It is really cool inside and much things looks done for now.

I have one more idea/question (I know too much) mabye You can create Rarity butterfly wings costume? 😁

  1. can be looked at the drop rates
  2. We keep on adding new stuff to the game.
  3. so far no plans on adding another race.
  4. digsite is still under testing.
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Milk is now sold by Grassy Fields in Sweet Apple Orchard