Silicon and Halite bugged for Rehearsal Roundup quest in Crystal Kingdom
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What is happening:
While doing the Rehearsal Roundup quest, I was able to get every other pony who wanted a rehearsal note to take one, but whenever I talk to either Silicon or Halite to try and give them their notes and complete the quest fully, there's no option to even attempt to give it to them. They are the last two I need to give notes to and I can not get an option to come up no matter how many times I talk to them, I've even gotten the I Shouldn't Be Here quest from them twice now.

What should be happening:
When talking to Silicon, there should be a dialog option to attempt to give her the rehearsal notes.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Upon entering the game, make you way to a train station to go to the Crystal Kingdom.
Once there, go and speak with Pitch Perfect and accept the quest Rehearsal Roundup.
Find Silicon and Halite and speak with them, however there doesn't seem to be a dialog option to allow you to give them a note each.

Game client version:
Build: v 2020.02.01

Reproduced by:
N/A/Unknown if brought up before.

Reproduced on:
Windows 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


I’ve been having the same problem

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This issue has been fixed as of 1/23/2021.