Full Yellow Jacket
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What is happening:
Since the very start of the game I have had the combat tree in my journal despite never selecting anything dealing with combat. I am a pegasus and am trying to do "Full Yellow Jacket" and am instructed to use a cyclone attack on a cloud. I do not have a cyclone attack and killing the cloud with the two basic attacks just made it disappear and nothing changed. I am unable to proceed.

What should be happening:
I suppose my talent page should be blank until I choose one of the graduation quests. Either way, my talent page should change to whatever talent I chose when speaking to the quest giver. I should then be able to use the correct skill for the quest. Also, the cloud should respawn every so often.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Not sure. I started the game as a male pegasus, did as many quests as I could, then went to Windhover to get my final foal quest. At no time did I speak to a trainer outside of my starting area about doing another talent, but I have had the combat talent tree the entire time I have been playing.

Reproduced by:
Not sure

I created a Google Photos album for LoE bugs. The first three pictures are for another bug report I have open. The last three are for this one and clearly show the issue in my journal.

Not sure if it matters or not, but I deleted the character and started fresh. As soon as I got into the game world y pegasus had combat in his journal, the same as before. I am going to go through the quests again and do what I can, then try the graduation quest again.

I apologize, this is my misunderstanding of how the skills pages worked. I kept starting over and always had a blank page on the left and combat on the right. I accidentally scrolled my wheel while on the left (blank page) and the page scrolled up and showed me all of my skills. My issue is that, by default, the index page is scrolled so far down that I cannot see anything on it. No title, no scrollbar, none of the skills, nothing. Once I saw the skills I clicked on each one and saw it appear on the right.

With that said, the issue here is a UI issue in the book, NOT with the quest as I originally thought. If it matters, I run in true 1440p (2560x1440@144Hz) though the Unity Engine, as it does in every Unity game (The Long Dark, both Subnautica games, Raft, etc), limits me to 60fps. Maybe my high resolution has something to do with it? Either way this is some kind of UI bug and not a quest bug. Please let me know if I can help fix it in any way. I am an avid C++ programmer.