Very bugged Graduation quest with Windhover
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I attended the Graduation Ceremony with my Crew, Windhover, and other ponies but once it was done, Windhover kept telling me "If you can still see me after graduating there is a problem. Please go see Old Quest Marker Fix and Answer "Graduation finished but seeing doubles!" Repeat that until I go away."
But the thing is that I went to the Old Quest Marker Fix pony and he did not have any option that said "Graduation finished but seeing doubles!" so I could not do anything that Windhover said, let alone repeat it. Even when I talk to other ponies next to Windhover he keeps coming back and repeating himself. I am also having issues with a few other quests, like the reefus quest that the question marker still hasn't disappeared even though I graduated. Because of the one graduation quest with Windhover, there are so many other quests I can't do though, is there any other way to fix that? Also, even if I talk to the Fix pony over and over the Reefus marker still doesn't disappear

What should be happening:
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I should be able to no longer see any ponies at the graduation ceremony, and Windhover should be back at Cloudtropolis. If they were all gone I would be able to do the other quests that would be available from the other ponies when they are gone as well. The Fix pony should also be able to have the option to fix the graduation quest and he should be able to fix the reefus marker quest.

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I did a few quests in the beginning of being in Coudtropolis and did well until I failed the cloud quest with a few ponies in Cloudtropolis showing me flying abilities. I was supposed to use the move Cyclone on the cloud next to them, but I couldn't figure out how to use Cyclone until it was too late, and I had already hit the cloud with another move instead by jumping on the cloud and the cloud would not respawn afterwards. After that I could not redo the quest, but I wanted to graduate so I went to do combat training in Cantermore with Reefus. As soon as I did all those quests from him to graduate, his quest marker would not disappear after I left the ceremony and Windhover would not stop telling me to talk to the Fix pony even though I had no option to talk to him related to the problem. I hope this is enough information.
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please help fix this if you can.