Forging Manuals & Hullabaloo Headphones
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Hello, I have two questions
At first, I fight with many, many rocs on lvl 20 and they only droped forging manuals for spacial ingot, harmonicus chest plate, back plate and helmet (I had 5-6 manuals) but forging manuals for harmonicus back and front legs and temporal strap and padding never. It's a bug? or wikia again is wrong way for information and this forging manuals drop other mob?
And at second, can You change hullabaloo headphones from cannot sell to something price? Accidentally i deleted this item, and I don't get them back :(

The question about Artisan Manuals was probably better suited to the forums, Discord chat, or even the Global chat, honestly.

While the Wiki is fan created and maintained, and anyone can edit it, it is correct in this case. There's a lone Lv.20 Roc that hangs around the Lv.10 Dragon in the Heartlands (kinda near the Cloudopolis gateway) that drops the Artisan Manuals you are looking for.

As for the Headphones... they... already can't be sold. Which is entirely different from deleting the item. You're probably out of luck with this one. ^^;;

I also want to mention that I am not part of the team in any way, so please take my response with a grain of salt.

Edit: Misread the thing about the Headphones. My bad.

I defeat many this dragons and nothig... and I try with many type of mobs and still nothing. It's must be a bug.