Can't use second harmony on a crafted Harmonious backplate armor - some discrepancy detected?
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What is happening:
Title says it all. For some reason i can't harmonize my crafted Harmonious Back Plate armor for the second time as it was supposed to be. That piece of armor was already harmonized once, i hoped to harmonize it twice, when i'm trying to harmonize that armor with Magic Resist Harmony 4 (and any other harmonies i tried), it glows red instead of blue when you select that piece of harmony for upgrading that armor.
I've checked another crafted backplate armor (Iron) and it suddenly accepted 2 harmonies but my Harmonious one can't do that.

What should be happening:
According to game wiki, "Some pieces can receive more than one Harmony at a time: chest plates and back plates can receive two", my Harmonious backplate armor was harmonized only once and somehow stopped accepting one more harmony, unless it actually accepts only one piece of any harmony at once instead of two stated on wiki. Not too sure if that's actually a bug or was intended to be.
So, my Harmonious backplate armor was supposed to get two harmony upgrades instead of one.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Take Harmonious backplate armor without any upgrades and put first harmony on it once. Then take another harmony and try to upgrade that armor again - it will glow red instead of blue while selecting any armor item to harmonize with that harmony.

Game client version:
Latest game client build v.2019.02.01 x64

Reproduced by:
Done it myself (Proudy Hooves)

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 Pro x64 1903 (build 18362)

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
Nothing was generated

Providing some screenshots of that weird thing.

some parts of the armor have less harmony slots it's normal

I got it, but somehow Harmonious back plate armor got less harmony slots than Iron back plate armor, that thing bothers me for a while since i've got some harmonies and decided to upgrade my armor.
Aren't all types of back plate armor (from brass to sunlight/moon/harmonious) supposed to have 2 harmony slots?