Crystal Kingdom caves is bugged, door never opens
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What is happening:
In the new Crystal Kingdom caves there is a place where, after going through some portals in certain order, you unblock an entrance that was before blocked by some kind of giant blue diamonds that now disappear when you get close and let you pass. Right after there is a yellow door that just never opens, there is no way to go pass it.

What should be happening:
All the other doors opened when at least 3 ponies got close. This one should open too but it never opens.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Use 3 ponies to get into the caves and reach the yellow door. It will never open.

Game client version:
Windows x64 Latest update: v2019.02.01

Reproduced by:
Green Bird

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


We tried again and this time that door opened and we were able to go pass this door but we found more blocking bugs during the caves although we were able to get pass all with switching rooms and reloading, still the caves are notably bugged.

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