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  • make fast flying feel faster, have a shakey camera effect, speed lines, air rushing sound effects, sliding when landing?
  • clouds for pegasi to land and rest on, or destroy when flying fast
  • slow flying should be as slow and normal walking, not faster
  • make fast running last longer for earth ponies, since they dont have teleportation or flying, they should be able to run fast for much longer
  • give better feedback to being hurt in a fight, its really confusing
  • make pony eyes less greyish
  • higher framerate
  • add better graphic options like bloom
  • jumping is too delayed
  • stamina/live bar doesnt seem to go away while flying?
  • more stamina while flying/or add clouds to rest on, maybe flying trough clouds refills stamina by a bit?
  • Face emotes!
  • being able to fly/walk trough waterfalls, maybe be pushed down a bit, but it shouldnt completely stop you from flying
  • other people cant see jumping animations : (
  • upside down flying
  • Body patterns, freckles, colored wings, updated manes/tails
  • jumping while dancing makes the pony just float in the air while dancing, either remove jumping or add jump animation
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