fainting causes quest to break
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every time i try to do the "going to the dogs" quest and faint, when i get back over there, the husky diamond dogs are gone, and when i talk to pumpkin pie, he always says " you have not subdued enough diamond dogs to be talking to me right now."

if the player faints, then either the diamond dogs should refrain from despawning, or the player should talk to pumpkin pie to make the diamond dogs respawn.

to make this problem happen to you (why would you want this to happen to you, BTW?), you must launch the game, pick a pony, yadda yadda. then you must go to the heartlands and go to the pumpkin patch. first, complete the "unsaddling implications" quest. talk to him again, and he tells you his pumpkins are under attack. go to the pumpkin patch and faint.

please fix this, i want 1000 bits.