No Quest Objectives for The First Day of Our Pony Lives
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What is happening:
I completed the quest objectives for earning a Talent Mark in Magic but was not sent to Cantermore. When going to Cantermore, none of the NPC's who were meant to be standing at the school were there. When opening my quest book, the quest was active but there are no objectives listed. Additionally, when talking to Old Quest Marker Fix and mentioning Graduation, he stated I need to get a Talent Mark, despite the fact I am already an adult pony.

What should be happening:
I should have been teleported to Cantermore, my quest should have an objective to talk to Flan, and Flan, Midnight Breeze, and Mercury should be standing in front of the school.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Unsure. Try to get a Talent Mark in Magic, because that is all I did.

Reproduced by:
Haven't seen any forums of it, but I have seen comments mentioning a similar issue on the wiki page under The First Day of Our Pony Lives


Here is the Quest Book without objectives.

Here is me after completeing The Magic of Ordinary Neighs.

Here is the front of the school in Cantermore where Flan, Midnight Breeze, and Mercury should be standing.

the graduation ceremony is near the big pink building in Cantermore, not the school, also the quest basically says what to do so. We continue to work on the fact that in some cases the quest doesn't teleport you to the map.

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