Problems completing Rehearsal Roundup quest
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What is happening:
I can't complete the Rehearsal Roundup quest as I accidently delete all the music sheets needed to recruit the ponies.

What should be happening:
I tried talking again to the pony that gives the quest (Pitch Perfect) but it didn't work.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Log on any server and delete the music sheets given then go talk to any of the ponies with an "!" on their head and the dialogs will lead you to the same dialogue option after they introduce themselves: "Nevermind, don't want to bother you" which doesn't allow me to advance in the quest, as I explained in another report before (

Reproduced by:
Just me, Ryukaze-sama

D:\Rocio\Pictures\LoE Screenshots\2018-04-12 17-49-10-7765.png
D:\Rocio\Pictures\LoE Screenshots\2018-04-12 17-35-55-5891.png

you need the sheets to be able to open dialogue, currently they ain't obtainable.

That means I won't be able to complete the quest anymore? I hope that doesn't affect my progress in the game.

Only main storyline quests have a "story" that follows the missions. Other than those no, they don't affect your progress.

So I can't continue de storyline?

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See Old Quest Marker Fix for a solution to9 the issue.