Server Listing
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What is happening:
I am currently stuck at the server entry after logging in.

What should be happening:
I'm pretty sure it was supposed to take me to the beginning area or something. I've just got the game

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I waited 'till all the updates were installed and clicked the launch button. Then I registered myself on the LoE website. After that, I used my new login and waited for the server listing to end. Since it was taking so long, I went to play another game n the meantime. After an hour playing something else, I checked up on the server listing. It hadn't changed.

Game client version:
Windows x64

Reproduced by:
I have no Idea

Reproduced on:
Don't know of any

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
No crashes yet


This is usually solvable by restarting the game.