[Suggestion] Refundable Talent Points
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An issue I've noticed with Legends of Equestria is that while you can purchase moves and upgrades with talent points, you cannot refund either of these and gain your talent points back for something that you accidentally bought or do not use.

For example, the energy cost of lingering damage, a magic arrow skill, is at 130 energy when fully upgraded. Granted, the energy cost for it has recently been altered, however now I am stuck with an ability that I wish I could downgrade and get back my talent points. Another example is that I would like to refund upgrades on transfusion and put the talent points to resuscitation instead.

As the game is consistently being updated and new implementations are being altered, I feel as though talent point skills should have a refundable option quite early on should people have made a mistake in buying an upgrade that they don't find beneficial.

((I would like to apologise for putting this task in the wrong category. There is no option to make suggestions from what I can see, plus phabricator is quite new to me. Thank you!))

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