My Avatar became a NPC
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What is happening:
Logged out and logged back in only to find my avatar being created as an NPC in EverShade.

What should be happening:
Shouldn't have occurred... although it was fair funny.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Random event. Chrisgotjar mentioned it was a glitch that occurred during the last OSW

Game client version:
First Version

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
If applicable, give a link to an archive containing the crash logs generated, or copy/paste exceptions you got related to this error


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Happens in Crystal Empire too + it even has ''talk'' option tough nothing happens when you klick it.
Talk button on fake npc

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More info from T715: they saw a different player being an npc, and it only fixed itself on the player seeing the bug relogging. The person who it was appearing on relogging did not fix it.

What is happening:
After logging out and in, while in evershade forest, i`ve found my character as an npc where i was standing.
The npc is visible only in one server (the one where i've logged out)
Relogging didn`t seem to solve the issue.
The npc didn`t have dialogue options but it was possible to rigth click on.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I didn`t manage to reproduce the bug, or make more copies appear.

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
Blue Charm

Reproduced on:
windows10 64bit


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Looks like Evershade one is caused by Tenseven's quest.
After completing Ground Pound part, you can't talk any NPC and can't change map.
And will remain own player NPC after logout.

(I made this by deleting and creating same pony)

These clone NPC will disappear after server reset.

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Same thing happend at Heartlands. This is caused by "One Pet in a Hoof" quest.
Make progress till the part of letting your pet to attack dummy, then attack dummy yourself.
This cause NPC's dialogue not to appear.
After that, you'll remain your clone NPC when change the map or logout.