"Buy 5" and "Buy 10" cost only 1 item price
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What is happening:
At every shops and any items, you can buy 5 items or 10 items for 1 item price

What should be happening:
If you click "Buy 5", it should cost total of 5 items price.
And If you click "Buy 10", it should cost total of 10 items price.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Go some shop, and click any item, click buy 5 or buy 10 with having enough bits.
It requires exactly total of value, but still costs 1 item price

Game client version:
Windows x64 Launcher: Version 2.0

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

I bought 10 Cowpony Hats

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