My Combat Skills Aren't Working
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  • Whenever I try to battle a mob as my earth pony, my combat skills won't work. The only skill that works is Ground Pound (which I accidentally removed from my hotbar and can no longer find) but none of the others work. I can move them to my hot bar and click on them, but they don't do any damage.

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  • My combat skills should be able to do damage/be able to work.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:

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  • 1. Log into the game.
    1. Try to battle a mob.
    2. Combat skills (besides Ground Pound) don't work.

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  • v2019.01.02

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  • Unsure?

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  • 64 bit.

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going to %appdata%/locallow/LoE you can find the hotbar json, delete that to reset your hotbar.

As for the skills clicking them won't do anything without targeting NPC's first.

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Groundpound can also be found in the Other bar of the journal, where you can drag it back to your hotbar. As noted above, certain combat moves will not activate unless you have targeted at least one of the nearby mobs. This is the case with Seismic Buck, Magic Arrow, and many of the other moves. You can hit "Tab" at the beginning of combat and it will target the nearest mob. And, remember, if the mob that you have targeted is fainted, then you will need to re-target another mob for targetable skills to work again.