Full Yellow Jacket Quest bug
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What is happening:
Quest marker to Cloudopolis won't go away with Full Yellow Jacket quest still being in my journal, even after graduating to a stallion.
What should be happening:
There shouldn't be a quest marker to Cloudopolis and the Full Yellow Jacket quest shouldn't be an active quest since Sunlit Chaser isn't around.
Steps to reproduce the issue:
Went to Windhover for my talent mark, chose the combat and flying quests, finished combat and graduated from colt to stallion, Full Yellow Jacket quest is still active even though Sunlit Chaser isn't around to talk to.
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Finished graduating the combat talent mark and still had Full Yellow Jacket quest active despite Sunlit Chaser not being around to continue the quest so now I'm stuck with a quest I can't finish. The Quest Marker Fixer can't get rid of it as it is not an option for him to fix.