Remove Heating Catalysts from Iron Ingot Recipe
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What is happening:
Heating Catalyst is a ingrediant of the iron ingot recipe. This creates a harsh stone wall when you reach that point in the artisan talent.

What should be happening:
Heating Catalyst should not be a required component for iron for two reasons.

  1. This disallows using iron ore as a supplement when trying to focus on getting steel. People have so much of an excess of iron that they are literally deleting it instead of making use of it in the forge.
  1. Iron isn't an alloy. There is no reason for heating catalysts being required when current furnaces (where metals are smelted) already serve the process required to heat up metal to the melting point. Even needing a heating catalyst for steel (despite coal already serving the purpose of being a heating catalyst) is pushing it a bit too far.

I would recommend heating catalysts being required for alicium and up.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
No reproduction required.

Game client version:

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Reproduced on:
Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
No crash


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Heating Catalysts can now be more easily obtained from the Crystal Caves dungeon