Winter Warm Up Ground Team - Timberwolves killed by town guard don't count, but also never respawn
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What is happening:
Take the Ground team Quest for Winter Warm Up, and when you spawn the timberwolves, leg it to the nearest guard. The guard kills the mobs, but no new mobs spawn and the quest doesn't count the guard kills as valid, leaving you forever stuck.

What should be happening:
Either have the guard kills count or respawn the timberwolves for the player

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Take the Winter Warmup Ground team Quest, play through to the clearing the animals stage
Go to the quest marker
As soon as the timberwolves spawn, run into town with them chasing
Run past a guard and let them kill the timberwolves
Return to the quest marker, notice the lack of respawns or completion

Talk to the questgiver again an go back to the place where you need to defeat them, if they don't show up, try changing rooms.

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Jun 17 2019, 6:46 PM

The respondent above has given you a solution to the issue. Go back to Checklist and she will give you another chance. It is your quest responsibility to take out the timberwolves. If the guards do it, Check List will know and it won't count, but checking in with her will let you have another chance at it.