I Shouldn't Be Here still stuck after fix - quest item unobtainable and undeliverable
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In relation to this thread; http://phabricator.legendsofequestria.com/T1892
I appreciate the fix, but I am still stuck in this quest, as it's not listed by the Quest Fixer so I could reset the quest, I still don't have the package and have no way to reobtain it.

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Either be able to have the quest reset by the Quest Fixer, or be able to reobtain the package after losing it.

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As it's apparently been fixed by now, I don't think there there's a way to reproduce it, unless you can obtain the package and throw it away, you'll be as stuck as I am with this quest.

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No recollection of anyone having the same issue, as far as I understand I might be the only one stuck with this - feel free to take +5 years to fix this. :P

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This issue should be solved as of the most recent build. v2019.02.01