A bug relating to quest named mindless violins and it belongs in a museum
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What is happening:
The quest named it belongs in a museum won't appear in my book. Therefore, I'm unable to start that quest or get the rewards.

What should be happening:
The quest should appear to my book to the section of finished and not finished quests.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I was completing the quest called mindless violins, and when talking to Pyrite about the statues origins, I answered "no" when I was asked if I was finished helping Midnight. Now, when I'm trying to start the quest that's called it belongs in a museum, the quest won't show up to my book. I heard from a friend of mine, that they got a cat from that quest, so it means that I'm now unable to get a cat in this game. For a catlover, this is pretty sad to hear.