A bug relating to quest named mindless violins and it belongs in a museum
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What is happening:
The quest named it belongs in a museum won't appear in my book. Therefore, I'm unable to start that quest or get the rewards.

What should be happening:
The quest should appear to my book to the section of finished and not finished quests.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I was completing the quest called mindless violins, and when talking to Pyrite about the statues origins, I answered "no" when I was asked if I was finished helping Midnight. Now, when I'm trying to start the quest that's called it belongs in a museum, the quest won't show up to my book. I heard from a friend of mine, that they got a cat from that quest, so it means that I'm now unable to get a cat in this game. For a catlover, this is pretty sad to hear.

The cat pet is one possible reward from the quest 'It Belongs in a Museum'; it is not a guaranteed reward, but is dependant upon choices in the quest. As for being unable to start 'It Belongs in a Museum', this quest can be started by discussing the statue with Pyrite, and he will suggest speaking to Fire Opal. If this isn't happening, please provide screenshots of your quest journal, so we can see what quests are active/completed, and better diagnose the issue.

I tried to talk to Pyrite and he didn't suggest to talk to Fire Opal so here's the screenshots of the quest journal.


If you do not have the package with the statue in your inventory, then Pyrite will not give you the start option for It Belongs in a Museum. You must have the package in your inventory in order for the start line "About that statue..." to trigger.

Where do I get the statue?

from Mindless Violins quest when you talk to pyrite and when you got to him after you done Mindless Violins.

This won't happen if you discarded the item btw

I'm not sure. I may have deleted the item because I can't find it in my inventory.

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Check with Old Quest Marker Fix at the Cantermore Train station. He should have an option for Pyrite's package. Make sure that you have an inventory slot free before you do that, though.