Can't find the NPC to continue(Pardon my poor English)
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In the quest "The First Day of Our Pony Lives", I can't find Flan anywhere, I asked the quest mark fixer but he says that I don't have my Talent Mark though I've already finished every former quest

I think maybe I should find Flan in the city centre, but she's nowhere to find.

I chose my character as a unicorn, finished all the former quests normally including the Talent Mark quest(The Talent I chose is magic), after I was teleported back to Cantermore, I tried to continue the game, but I got stuck for hours, then I checked the fandom wiki page and I learned that I should find Flan in the city centre, but I can't find her anywhere, including the other classmates.
If there's anything out of ordinary, I fainted a serveral times in the first time exploring the Evershade Forest, and have already learned some of the skills in the magic branch before I went to complete the Talent Mark quest.

Just me, I guess