Lighting the Lantern quest won't initiate
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I have a Prismatic Crystal Shard in my inventory, but I'm not getting the prompt to begin the quest when I talk to Ensemble. When I talk to him, I only get two responses: one to start the Dashing Through the Snow quest (which I completed thinking I might get the option to start Lighting the Lantern) and another to request a fancy outfit. Choosing the latter pretty much ends the conversation. Please help! I spent a long time collecting all ten crystal shards and I really want Ensemble to make them into the Prismatic Lantern.

The Festival of Lights quest (Prismatic lantern quest) is a seasonal quest much like Dashing Through the Snow and Costume of the Night and are only available for a limited time space each year. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until summer to be able to start the quest, and if you have already picked up on other seasonal quests prior, you should be able to finish them.

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