Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold bug. I can't get emeralds
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What is happening:
I can't get emeralds from the mines on the quest Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold. I'm supposed to get 5 emeralds but I looked all over the mines and I can't get more than 2. Getting the rest of the emeralds by trading with another player didn't solve the issue (talking to Geode doesn't move the quest forward). This bug keeps me from getting a talent mark.

What should be happening:
I should get 5 emeralds on the mines and finish the quest.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Start the Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold quest. Talk to Geode in order to start looking for emeralds.

Reproduced by:

This is what the quest look like on the bug

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I visited the cave several times (tried switching room, changing servers) with no luck. I tried again and I found the rest of the emerals in just one of the ! signs (that I had visited before). I got one, took a step back, move forward to the same ! sign and got the last one.
I don't know if this is how the quest is supposed to work but it's kind of confusing that there are many ! signs and all the rest of the emerals are just in one ! sign. My logical assumption would be that each ! sign would contain just one emeral and anyways I think I already visited that last ! sign and I got no emeralds last time.

Edit: Just to make it clear. I after collecting the emerals on that last ! sign I was able to finish the quest.

Whenever you walk over the emerald spots, there is a random chance that you get an emerald, just keep walking over them and you'll get the emeralds

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