Leftover quest marker: Dancer
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I have a leftover quest marker above Dancer that cannot be resolved. Talking to Old Quest Marker Fix didn't help either.

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Dancer is involved in multiple quests - 'Dandelion Tamer', 'Chlorophiliac', and 'Foal Life Consequences'. Please provide screenshots of your quest journal, and if any of these quests are in there, please take additional screenshots with those quests selected, so we can see all the quest information there, and hopefully resolve the issue.

I've completeded "Dandelion Tamer" and "Chlorophiliac". Being a pegasus, "Foal Life Consequences" is not a choice for me.

Talking to Dancer gives a single line ("Well hello there young stallion. Are you here to appreciate the wonders that nature has in store?"), a single response ("Not really, but do you have some advice today?") followed by a single line of random dialogue.

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Old Quest Marker Fix should have a solution for this after the next server reset.

Thank you very much, it is fixed now.

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