Slippery Slope: Enki does not remove the Sunflower Seeds from inventory
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What is happening:
When the player brings the Sunflower Seeds to Enki to make into Sunflower Oil, the NPC does not remove the Sunflower Seeds item from the player's inventory. She will still give the player the Sunflower Oil item for the next part of the quest, though.

What should be happening:
Enki should remove the Sunflower Seeds from the player's inventory and give them Sunflower Oil upon return.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
*Launch LoE
*Select a server and a character that has not done the "Slippery Slope" quest
*Talk to Turbine and accept to help him
*Talk to Enki and convince her that Turbine needs oil urgently
*Acquire Sunflower Seeds from Polly Poppet
*Return to Enki and "give" her the Sunflower Seeds
*Talk to Enki again and receive Sunflower Oil (in addition to still having Sunflower Seeds in inventory)
*Return to Turbine, who will actually take the Sunflower Oil from the player's inventory
*Receive quest rewards in addition to leftover Sunflower Seeds

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Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Jan 21 2019, 10:15 PM

This issue has been fixed. It will take effect after the next server reset.

Closing this up.