Reefus indicator refuses to go away
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I've completed the Beat Around the Bad Guys quest, but shortly after I became an adult, an exclamation mark above Reefus appeared and will not go away. It is also impossible to talk to him now. I've used the Quest Marker fix, but nothing's working.

Please provide a screenshot of your quest journal, with the quest 'Beat Around the Bad Guys' selected, so we can see what data is active there, and hopefully diagnose the issue.

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Sorry for necromancy or "reopening" (if you will) this particular thread, but I feel it's worth nipin' this in the bud so to speak.

What is happening:
After completing Beat Around the Bad Guys, but before graduating (and remaining thereafter), an exclamation mark appears above Reefus and will not go away despite changing rooms, restarting the game, or trying the same quest as two other ponies. Further attempts to talk to Reefus after finishing the quest gain no reactions.

What should be happening:
The quest marker should disappear after the quest is complete. Talking to Reefus should also be possible.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

    1. Create a new pony. !1
    2. Specialize in the Combat Talent.
    3. Complete the quest and enter adulthood. !2
  • !1 For this I chose Earth to reproduce screenshots and steps, though I have received the same results in an uncontrolled scenario with a Pegasus.
  • !2 Test pony was left exactly where they stood on quest completion after loading. Unsure if hardware used to test could interfere with how the game functions (namely breaking quest mark removal or preventing teleport to graduation).

Reproduced by:


Shortly before completing the quest. [Foal]

Directly after completing the quest. Also see above under !2. [Adult]

Could you please provide a screenshot of your journal with the Beat Around the Bad Guys section opened so that we can see if there are quest objectives remaining unfinished (with a green diamond)? That will help us to understand where the issue might be in the quest.

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Gladly. Sorry for not submitting the journal alongside the other screens.

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A fix has been applied for this issue in the quest and a fix has been created for Old Quest Marker Fix that will take effect after the next server reset, Please check for the option: Reefus still has a marker, even though I completed Combat Training."