Can't see my own equipped scarf/Can see other people's scarfs
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What is happening:
Title says it all. I can't see my equipped scarf from newest update, i tried to unequip other pieces of armor but no luck for me. Also I can see other people's scarfs but somehow not my own.

What should be happening:
They should work as usual - you should be able to see your own equipped scarf along with others.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Buy a Holiday Scarf/Peppermint Scarf/Winter Scarf/Spearmint Scarf from any NPC that sells dresses and equip it.

Game client version:
Latest one at the moment - v.2018.10.01

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 Pro x64 (1803 edition, 17134.472)


There is a bug involving certain mane styles that does not allow the scarf to be seen when worn.

Checked my character, apparently this manestyle can cause scarf glitch, any plans on fixing?

v2019.01.02 - still not fixed, can't see my scarf with mentioned manestyle.

This issue is complex and may not be fixable with certain manes that arc into the base of the neck area. It is not a high priority fix currently, since it only occurs on 1-2 manes and may require a rebuilding the model for that particular mane. If the issue is fixed, it will be noted specifically in our Changelog for a build and this issue will be noted and closed at that time.

Will be fixed in 2020.02.01

Checked the new update and can confirm now that scarfs are visible on my pony, so this report can be closed (unless somepony might get it bugged but it's unlikely i think)