Clicking on hotkeys during dialogue without pressing anything
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What is happening:
This happens all the time, I'll just be in the dialogue window (any one of them) and all of a sudden one of my hotkeys activated for no reason. didn't click anywhere near them, didn't press a number key, just happened. And worst of all, all 5 of my started potions are gone and I wasn't even low health! And those cost a lot of bits... I think...

Either way, I think the priority here (since this is a hard one I'm thinking) is to make consumables not work UNLESS you have less than full health or whatever, so it's not wasted under any circumstance.

What should be happening:
Well, nothing. It just shouldn't activate anything like it is. (Seems like a button issue)

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Just talk to ANY NPC you can find and click through their dialogue, try having some emotes in your hotbar like dance/applause/sleep/sit, and either you'll hear it as it's happening, or you'll be on the ground sitting/sleeping when you come out.

Game client version:
Current? I just downloaded it very recently.

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 I think, 64 bit.

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

I don't think I can screen cap this, but I'll record it if you really need me to.

Dr_Nomz created this task.Dec 24 2018, 4:37 PM

I cannot replicate this.
However, do you have a separate numkeypad on your keyboard? If you have numlock engaged, that might possibly be causing the issue.