Disappearance of Mobs and Players
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What is happening:
As I entered an alternate instance in the evershade forest, I immediately fainted. Someone revived me and when I came back, I realized I cannot see the mobs or players in the room at all, as if they have all vanished. If I used the command to tell me who is in that room, it would say everyone (including me) except the person who revived me. Also, mobs are able to attack me, even though I cannot see them.

What should be happening:
I should be able to see all the mobs as well as the players.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go into the evershade forest and halt between the lvl 30 lanterns and the lvl 45 golems.
  2. Battle some bees and a golem.
  3. Return to that area between the two group of mobs.
  4. Switch rooms.
  5. Fainted (At least what I have experienced)
  6. Someone revives you.
  7. Come back to life, but none of the mobs are to be seen, as well as the players (or just the revivor)

Game client version:
v 2018.09.01, Windows x64

Area of lvl 30 lanterns:
Area of Lvl 24 timberwolves across from Nebulous Twitch
Area of a mix of hornets, Manticores, and cockatrices near the entrance
Area of hornets near the entrance
Area of Lvl 45 golems and hornets. They were missing, but by the time I took the screenshot, they reappeared. This also applies to the lvl 50 lantern. The rest of the mobs in the evershade were absent.

Has this problem occurrred in the v2018.10.01 build?

As far as I've known, no. Then again, it seems like a rare occurrence. I have not tried reproducing it recently.

Were you wearing any specific accessories when it happened?

The accessories I wore were as follows:

  • All Perfected Iron Armour of the Helmet, Chest Plate, Back Plate, and Back Leg (Enchanted with Harmonies for each to the Max)
  • Dandelion Bracelet
  • A pair of Argyle Socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Normal Lantern