Not graduating, quests at graduation ceremony
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What is happening:
I've created a new earth pony, and was on the verge of graduating (attending the ceremony). Since I am graduating with an earth pony, I spoke with Midnight Breeze to begin the ceremony. However, instead of getting dialogue to talk to others or find my place to stand for the ceremony to begin, Midnight started the Mindless Violin quest. Soon after, any quest involving the classmates could be completed before the graduation ceremony.

Note: Once the room is refreshed, or there is a room change, everything follows as it should be (Midnight finally assists in starting the ceremony).

What should be happening:
Midnight Breeze should have started the graduation ceremony instead of the quest. This applies to other classmates involved in quests among the group of (supposed) graduates.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a new earth pony.
  2. Specialize in Combat (Uncertain if this impacts the results, but stating it here just in case)
  3. Directly head to the graduation ceremony in Cantermore
  4. Talk with Midnight. She will start the Mindless Violin quest.
  5. "Intensive Carrot Unit" can also be started as well as "It Belongs In the Museum" (other quests involving the classmates should also somehow work).

Game client version:
v2018.09.01, Windows x64


crystal5555 updated the task description. (Show Details)Dec 5 2018, 3:10 AM

Did you actually finish the Combat quest and get the final skills and grow up?


Something to add on, I've recreated the earth pony shortly after with the animal talent and the result was the same. It took me a few attempts to get to a point where the ponies at graduation would separate throughout Equestria. What I seem to notice was that if you don't use Guidance while doing the animal talent quest, the result is the same as described here. If you do, everything works out.

I also kept deleting the previous earth pony, having I'd say getting the second last spot or last spot filled in that account by the earth pony. I decided at the final attempt to remove two pones so that the earth pony would be the third last or second last pony to be listed in that account. I'm not sure if this brings any significance, but hopefully, it helps.