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What is happening:
The window is so small i can't do anything when launch the game and can't see anything i'm stuck the login screen

What should be happening:
the window should be large enough so i can things

Steps to reproduce the issue:
So hear is the story i activate the launcher then it goes though an update the update finishes and i launch the game get to the login screen login to the game select my character then i get to the customization screen click the check and load into the crystal empire i lag i bit nothing out of normal when i'm the crystal empire so i go into the setting to change my render distance i little notification shows it sees if i don't do so and so in 10 seconds it will do so and so... i click yes then for whatever reason my window size get small but nothing to bad so i go into the game setting to fix it change my resolution then the window size is back to normal so i go over to the the famous costume pony i can't remember her name so i see quest thing i click it go through the dialog i turn prismatic crystal shard she tell me to go get nine ext. so i run off to the train station switch over to canterlot then so i spawn in and decide to change my render distance again to so i can see farther to so change the render distance then that notification shows up again i click yes like the moron i am then thing get worse from here the window size get so small the UI get all pact together i can use anything so i try going into the setting press ESC to access the menu so i can go to setting but evey thing so big and my window i so small i can't do any thing so restart the game launch it get to the login screen and not can't do anything so i delete the game then reinstall it now i and now there is i proper LoE icon you i got the game on very day it became open to the public to i never had this LoE icon thing btw i do like it :) but thats beside the point so click on it to see if it's changed nope the wind is still freaking small i can do anything so ya that everthing

Game client version:
file version game build V 2018.09.01

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

Reproduced on:
i have the 64 bit version
Crash logs or exceptions generated:
If applicable, give a link to an archive containing the crash logs generated, or copy/paste exceptions you got related to this error

If applicable, give a direct link to screenshots/GIFs/videos of the issue, annotated to show exactly what's going wrong

BTW i have window 7 professional

Close LoE. Then, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, and it should open up a small search box.

Paste the following into that search box - %appdata%..\..\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria - and press enter.

(NOTE: If you're using Linux, you need to look for this folder instead - ~/.config/unity3d/LoE/Legends of Equestria

And on MacOS, it's this one: ~/Library/Application Support/LoE/Legends of Equestria)

This should open up the hidden LoE folder. Delete everything in there, and then close it.

Now, re-run the LoE program. It'll create new, 'default' files to replace the one you just deleted, which should resolve the issue! You may need to re-do certain things like the order of abilities on your hotbar, or the screen resolution of the game. If you then need to change the settings again, you can always do so through the game's option menu.

If these steps don't work, follow them again, but after deleting everything in the hidden folder, also delete the LoE game download again, and grab a fresh copy from our website