Stuck in a wall
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What is happening:
My pony is stuck in a wall in the Ponydale Library and it can't walk, jump, and fly. All the pony can do is the hotkey actions. I tried restarting my game but that did not work and I can't get the pony out of the wall.

What should be happening:
My pony should have entered the library without getting stuck.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Talked to Enki in Cantermore
  2. Went to train station and traveled to Ponydale
  3. As I was searching for Polly Poppet I stumbled across the Ponydale Library and decided to check it out
  4. Entered Ponydale Library
  5. Spawned with pony's face in the wall and the rest outside of the map

Game client version:
Windows x64 v2018.09.01

Reproduced by:
Not sure

Reproduced on:
Not sure about 32 bit but 64 bit has it

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
No crash logs


Here is my pony hanging out in the wall

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typing /stuck will solve this problem for now, this issue is known

Alright thank you

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The spawn spot has been fixed as of build v2018.10.01