Game crashes after 28 room/map changes
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I have noticed that on the 29th attempt to change a room or to go to a different location the client simply closes. The number is consistent, I have tested that. This always happens unexpectedly as I don't think players actually count that, let alone know the exact number. Not sure why that happens. I know other players experience the same issue. From 3rd pony's POV, crashing player spawns in the new location standing up but quickly lies down and logs out. Client-side the player never fully enters the instance the 29th time, game crashes in the loading screen.
It's worth noting that fps (especially in Ponydale) drop with each room switch. When the game is just about to crash, fps can fall to unplayable levels (below 10).
It's been like this since I can remember. I've always used direct download clients for Win x64.

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Interesting. I know next to nothing about Unity. But I do know that that sounds to me like something isn't getting cleared out. Of course, that wouldn't entirely explain why it consistently happens at 29 times though. All the same, it seems like there must be some kind of buffer or something that just keeps building up and never gets emptied, hence the framerate droppage. Maybe some kind of array?

Can you still replicate this as of v2018.10.01?
I tried and cannot replicate it.

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I think I had this issue happen twice to me a few weeks ago, and a few more times before then, I was wondering why my game always crashed after I did many room/map changes - I thought it was only my computer.

I also have replicated this issue just now, as of v2018.10.01. Strangely, my game crashed after 28 room/map changes.

yes, it still happens on v2018.10.01

It depends on your pc, after a while it needs to clear cache and disconnects you from the room