Knead for Speed
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What is happening:
Go to Sawbuck from Chef Linguine and ask him about the flour he stole. He will make you chase him, except he disappears and kind of glitches back. When you talk to him again it's as if you never confronted him about the flour. Even if you try again, it still does the same thing.

What should be happening:
Sawbuck should move to different locations in Ponydale until you retrieve the flour from him.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Go to Chef Linguine in Ponydale
Ask about the bread shortage
Ask to help
Linguine sends you to Sawbuck to retrieve the stolen flour
Go to Sawbuck
Ask about flour
Sawbuck will make you get the flour back "the hard way" (he will make you chase him, according to the journal)
After you talk to him he should disappear and then reappear two seconds later in the same spot as before
When spoken to a second time, he will act as if you haven't talked to him about the flour yet, also still with a quest mark above him.
When finished being spoken to this time, the bug repeats

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

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