Unicorn Graduation Quest Still Invisible or Unplayable
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What is happening:
At the school in Cantermore and can’t see or find my classmates or Starburst Nova

What should be happening:
I should be going to the school to talk with my classemates before the graduation ceremony

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Talk to Starburst Nova
Select Magic as your talent of choice
Start quest: The Magic of Ordinary Neighs
Finish quest: The Magic of Ordinary Neighs
Go back to Cantermore
Start quest: First Day of Our Pony Lives
Start quest: Believe It Or Not, after receiving the First Day of Our Pony Lives quest

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

If applicable, give a direct link to screenshots/GIFs/videos of the issue, annotated to show exactly what's going wrong

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Once you have grown up (completed a Talent Mark quest), you can no longer access the foal quest storyline. That must be completed before growing up. Your classmates and Starburst Nova will be at the graduation site in Cantermore and you need to complete "First Day of Our Pony Lives" there.