"Beat Around the Bad Guys" has a few minor issues
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What is happening:
First, during the first "wave" of enemies in training, only two hornets spawn instead of three. This means you have to go to another place with hornets to kill the required amount. Second, all the enemies attack the trainers instead of the player should you stay anywhere near them. Meaning the Stored Strike segment is not very immersive, if still completeable. Finally, once you have completed the quest, there still is a quest marker over the instructor's head. Also, the quest description is missing in the journal.

What should be happening:
Three hornets should spawn instead of just two. The enemies should always attack the player only, and not the instructors. The quest marker should disappear at the end. The journal should have all descriptions.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Just go through the quest. (Actually, it may be possible to complete this quest without having to find that last hornet. When the hornets spawned the other times during the quest, there was sometimes two, and sometimes three. I believe this may be random.)

Asriel created this task.Aug 25 2018, 9:57 PM
Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.Jan 19 2019, 2:46 AM

There are only two hornets in the first wave. The quest is designed that way. You can beat the quest by using the skill two times. If you do not complete it the first time, return to the trainer and they should release more hornets. The mobs attacking the trainers is not within current functionality to fix without major redesign. The quest will continue as is.

The missing quest journal entry issue has been fixed and should correct after the next server reset.