Some combat abilities will get "stuck"
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What is happening:
Sometimes in battle, certain abilities like Ground Pound and Pillow Barrage will turn green when activated (as in, an indicator of an invalid target). In other instances, the abilities work just as intended. I have not tested all the skills, but certain skills do not have this bug affect them. Seismic Buck, for example, I have not experienced to have this bug.

What should be happening:
When an enemy is targeted and within range, all combat abilities should activate properly (even if they miss).

Steps to reproduce the issue:
While I cannot find a way to reproduce this with 100% accuracy, long-term combat with multiple lower-level enemies, while varying your attacks and using said attacks should eventually result in this bug showing up. If I can find a specific trigger, I will update this report.

However, I do suspect that this is an issue with the Linux version of this game iteration, as I have not encountered this issue yet on the Windows partition of my computer.

Game client version:

Reproduced on:
Linux Mint x64

Asriel created this task.Aug 22 2018, 12:47 AM