I Can't Get The Spell Poseys and Prickleys
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What is happening:
I got this the quest

What should be happening:
I should be getting the first spell in my magic inventory, I forgot what it's called.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I don't know how programming works (I'm sorry)

Game client version:
Latest update: v2018.03.02

Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

Reproduced on:
List of operating systems this issue has been reproduced on, including their version number if available, and their architecture (32 bit or 64 bit)

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
If applicable, give a link to an archive containing the crash logs generated, or copy/paste exceptions you got related to this error

If applicable, give a direct link to screenshots/GIFs/videos of the issue, annotated to show exactly what's going wrong

Do note that the magic abilities besides teleporting are initially locked and so you must unlock them with Talent Points (TP), so you go to the skills tab of your journal (Press K to go straight to it) and then click on Magic, unlock the skill you want, and then drag it to your hotbar.

If you ran into an actual bug however, your report is too vague and has no reproduction steps (AKA how you got the bug to show up) and so it isn't much of a help for the developers.

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